Can I freely use Insane for my professional developments with a proprietary license?

Yes! This is one particularity of the GNU LGPL under which Insane is distributed. Please refer to licensing information.

I do not agree with the license terms and conditions. Can I still use Insane material?

Definitely no. License terms and conditions agreement is a prerequisite to use Insane material (including source code and documentation). If you do not agree, please remove all Insane material in your possession.

Errors reporting or suggestions

I found an error when I tried to execute the provided examples. What should I do?

In case of any error (including mispelled or missing words) or remark, please send an email which describes the error or remark at . Please make sure your report is as complete as possible.


What does the Insane logo mean?

This logo was chosen because it represents the three main operations used by an artificial neural network to evaluate its input values. Each neuron performs a weighted sum of its inputs. This operation involves a sum "+" and a product "*". The minus sign of the logo derives from biased neurons as the biased inputs are always set to "-1". Putting the plus, minus and product signs together to create a blinking eye and a wide-open mouth aims to indicate that using Insane is fun!